ABA Methodology

Regardless of the mode of intervention ("consultation" or "intensive intervention"), involvement of the family in the implementation of interventions is essential. This is especially important for the management of everyday behaviors.

In addition, it is important in the context of ABA therapy that the parents & caregivers know, understand, and agree with the goals of the intervention measures.

For this reason, an introduction to the family and other caregivers will take place at the beginning of an intervention, in which the following will be the primary focus:

    Description and explanation of the developmental assessment

   Description and explanation of the analyzed everyday behaviors

   Description and explanation of the objectives and intervention measures included in the  proposed therapy program

   Description and explanation of the behavioral analysis concepts and principles, which are  important for the implementation of the 

   measures described in the therapy program

   Demonstration of the implementation of the measures 

   Exercise of measures with the child

   Summary and general recommendations